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  • Tue 7th Jul 2020 - 2:50pm


    One of the most important aspects of a man’s life is his physicality and masculinity. A man looks physically and sexually more alluring if he has a well-maintained body and is confident – unapologetic of his masculinity. Now, penis size is one of the most significant features of a man’s physicality.

    It’s a known fact that men with bigger penises have an increased sex appeal than those with average-sized penises. However, genes aren’t the only factor that determines a man’s penis size. If the production of nitric oxide is optimal and essential nutrients get absorbed in the blood, you can increase your penis size by up to 4 inches!

    About Primal Grow Pro

    Primal Grow Pro is a male enhancement supplement. It’ll help in increasing the size of the penis by 3-4 inches. The manufacturer has used an organic blend of ingredients to formulate the supplement. The supplement is scientifically tested and verified. It also gets regularly inspected for purity and potency.

    The ingredients help in increasing nitric oxide production in the body. The optimal production of nitric oxide improves blood circulation in the body. Since blood flow improves, your erectile tissues expand and are now able to hold more blood. This allows you to have bigger, stronger erections.


    Some of the potent ingredients that are used in higher proportions in the composition of the supplement are-

    Ginkgo Biloba – This is a miracle ingredient that helps in reversing ED or erectile dysfunction.

    L-Glutamine – Essential nutrients, required to keep the nitric oxide production in the body optimal, are generally released through urine. L-Glutamine helps in treating malabsorption, so these nutrients are absorbed in the blood.

    Vinpocetine – One of the most powerful substances found on the planet, Vinpocetine is extracted from the Voacanga Africana seeds. It helps in expanding your penile tissues, increasing its blood-holding capacity. It helps in having bigger erections.

    Other ingredients like L-Carnitine, Huperzine, and BacopaMonnieri also get used in the composition of the product.

    How Does Primal Grow Pro Work?

    The powerful and natural ingredients used to formulate the supplement are derived from the mountains of India and China and the forests of South Africa. The unique blend of ingredients helps in increasing the size of your penis. First, the ingredients fix and treat malabsorption. So, the essential nutrients required for better blood circulation don’t get flushed out through urine. It gets assimilated in the blood, allowing a better flow of blood throughout the body.

    Now, the ingredients help in expanding your erectile tissues by 3-4 inches. This is hyper-expansion. Your erectile tissues can hold more blood now, which allows for bigger erections. With regular supplementation of the product, your penis will grow by 3-4 inches.


    One bottle of Primal Grow Pro contains 30 capsules. For the desired results, take one capsule every day with breakfast.

    Benefits of Primal Grow Pro

    • The Primal Grow Pro supplement helps increase the size of your penis by up to 3-4 inches.

    • It can also reverse erectile dysfunction. You can have stronger and harder erections.

    • The male enhancement supplement fixes malabsorption, so all essential nutrients get absorbed in the blood.

    • It increases the production of nitric oxide in the body. This expands the erectile tissues, allowing it to hold more blood.

    • Your energy levels increase, and sexual performance improves.

    Side Effects of Primal Grow Pro

    • The supplement contains 100% natural and pure ingredients in its composition. It’s a clinically proven supplement that is checked periodically for potency and adulterations. There are no documented side effects on using the supplement. It’s safe, risk-free, and non-invasive.

    Purchase and Price

    • The company offers multiple packages of the product at the best prices on its official website.

    • You can buy a single bottle of Primal Grow Pro for $69. This is a supply for one month.

    • The ‘Standard’ package contains two bottles of the male enhancement supplement. You can purchase the package for $118, i.e., $59 per bottle.

    • The ‘Premium’ package of the product has four units of the supplement. The seller offers this package for $196, which effectively stands at $49 for each bottle.

    • You get free shipping and handling on all orders.

    Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

    The manufacturers offer a 60-day refund guarantee. So, if the supplement fails to give you desirable results, you can choose to get a refund.

    • The seller, however, asks you to give the product a try for at least 30 days before applying for a refund.

    • To claim a refund, contact the customer support of the manufacturer. The customer care agent will process your return and refund request.

    • You’ve to fill the refund form that you receive with your order.

    • Ensure that you send this form along with the return package.

    • You’ve to ship the units within the specified 60 days or you’ll fail to get a refund.

    • After the package arrives at the company’s warehouse, your refund will get transferred.


    Can Primal Grow Pro make you impotent?

    No, Primal Grow Pro won’t make you impotent. It’s a natural male enhancement supplement that will increase your penis size and improve your sexual confidence. It also effectively reverses Erectile Dysfunction.

    Is the product addictive?

    No, the product is non-addictive, risk-free, and safe. No artificial, banned, or toxic substances are used in the supplement’s composition, so you can take a regular dosage of the supplement.

    Can you order the product without a doctor’s prescription?

    Yes, you can order the product without a physician’s prescription. But, you need to be at least 18 years old to purchase the supplement.


    How to increase the size of the penis is one of the biggest mysteries of the world that leaves most men mystified. Have you ever wondered why African men have huge penises? They eat and consume herbs like Vinpocetine since their childhoods. These herbs keep the nitric oxide production in the body optimal, helping them to increase the size of their penises.

    The creator of Primal Grow Pro has used the same ingredients to make the supplement that African men consume daily. With regular supplementation, you’ll be able to see a noticeable increase in your penis size

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